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18+ Best Science & Technology PowerPoint Templates

Dark Design Technology PowerPoint Template

If you are going to give any presentation on science or technology conference, instead of creating your visual presentation from scratch, it’s better to use a ready-made PowerPoint template that features abstract polygonal shapes and dots. These templates are perfect for computer science and technology presentations, as they have an electric ray and crag wheel theme. They feature multiple master slide layouts, as well as a placeholder for your ID photo. You can also select between a standard (4:3) and a widescreen (16:9) slide layout to accommodate your needs.

Depending on the presentation subject, you may need to customize colors. You can do this by clicking on an element and selecting a different color from the sidebar. You can also make the entire presentation different colors with the Design tab. Once you’re done with the background, you can add an image to the presentation. You can also purchase stock photography from sites like Envato Elements to make your slides stand out from the crowd. Yes, that’s what our listed compiled PowerPoint templates offer. Check the entire list and pick the one which you think would fit best for your science & technology presentation.

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#1 Technology PowerPoint Template

The science PowerPoint template also comes in 16:9 aspect ratio. Besides the standard PowerPoint slide format, this template includes different icons to complement STEM content. Various scientific illustrations and maps enhance your presentation and your audience will be glued to your presentation. There are 36 slides in all. Custom fonts are also supported. Aside from icons and graphs, you can even add your own.

Technology PowerPoint Template


#2 Digital Data Science Powerpoint Template

Digital Data Science Powerpoint Template


#3 Technology PowerPoint Template

If you’re looking for a more modern template, you may want to use the Free Science & Technology PowerPoint Template. It features a blue tablet and articles from science labs. This template is ideal for presentations about science research and education. It also covers different branches of science and technology. The free version includes more slides to make it more suitable for your presentation.

Technology PowerPoint Template


#4 IT Solutions & Technology PowerPoint Template

IT Solutions & Technology PowerPoint Template


#5 Technology Powerpoint Template

Technology PowerPoint Template 2


#6 Technology PowerPoint Template

Technology PowerPoint Template


#7 Technology PowerPoint Template

If you’re presenting about cybersecurity, antivirus software, or blockchain technology, you’ll find this template to be perfect for your presentation. Just remember to keep text brief – five to six words per slide is enough – but powerful visuals can capture attention. Cybertron, for instance, comes with over 80 tech slides. It features modern design elements, geometric image placeholders, and device mockups.

Technology PowerPoint Template


#8 Biopharm – Laboratory & Science Research PowerPoint Template

Our next template has unique feature. Using charts and infographics can help you illustrate complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way. They’re more memorable than plain, static graphs and statistics. Moreover, they can also be aesthetically appealing. You can use animated images to highlight important points. Incorporate a color palette to ensure consistency between your slides. Animations and transition effects add entertainment value to your presentation. However, remember not to use all of your slide space for animations.

Biopharm Laboratory Science Research PowerPoint Template


#9 Zaia – Technology Powerpoint Template

Zaia - Technology Powerpoint Template


#10 Dark Design Technology PowerPoint Template

Dark Design Technology PowerPoint Template


#11 Thecnic – Technology PowerPoint Template

The Technologic template is another great option for presenting technology. It comes with thirty-six slides in a contemporary design. You can easily edit the template in PowerPoint or in other apps, such as Keynote and Google Slides. With its modern design and free fonts, this template is a great option for tech presentations.

Thecnic - Technology PowerPoint Template


#12 Technology Powerpoint Presentation Template

A science and technology presentation template should convey a scientific and techie look and feel. The bluish gradients in the background of this template highlight white text while hexagon shapes convey the right impression of a technical, scientific, or techie style. A science presentation template can be used for various purposes, including presenting scientific research findings, projects, and dissertations. This science and technology PowerPoint template is the modern one, which combines abstract 3D shapes and geometric fonts.

Technology Powerpoint Presentation Template


#13 Space – Technology Powerpoint Template

Space - Technology Powerpoint Template


#14 Zechno – Technology PowerPoint Template

This bright information technology PowerPoint presentation template will grab your audience’s attention and hold their attention throughout your technology-related presentation. With 10 color schemes to choose from and unique vector graphics, this template is perfect for technology presentations. It features a modern design with a clean layout and includes charts, diagrams, digital marketing infographics, maps, and more. Plus, you’ll love the help file and the option to customize it to fit the topic and audience.

Zechno - Technology PowerPoint Template


#15 ROBLOC – Technology Powerpoint Template

The Grace Digital PowerPoint template for science and technology combines the best of both worlds. Its dramatic design, dark colors, and variety of graphic elements create a dazzling presentation. The template includes over 160 customizable slides that are perfect for educational presentations. It also comes with 3 color schemes. The Grace Minimal PowerPoint template features an impressive array of different infographics that will help you promote your products. There are also placeholders for your images, and it automatically adjusts the size and shape of each slide to provide a professional-looking presentation.

ROBLOC - Technology Powerpoint Template


#16 Labvire – Science Research & Laboratory Powerpoint Template

The science theme comes with 20 unique slide designs, as well as informationgraphics in various sizes, colors, and styles. This template is suitable for scientific presentations, such as projects, research papers, and dissertations. You can also use the template for teaching biology. You can find several formats for the template, too, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Labvire - Science Research & Laboratory Powerpoint Template


#17 Nanotech – Technology Powerpoint Template

If you’re looking for a modern PowerPoint template for your science and technology presentations, you may want to consider the Entheum. This template features 34 unique slides, including illustrations from space and the solar system. It also comes with vector icons, charts, graphs, and other customizable elements. The envato element membership allows unlimited use of the templates. This PowerPoint template is designed for ease of customization.

Nanotech - Technology Powerpoint Template


#18 HIPSTA – Technology Powerpoint Template

HIPSTA - Technology Powerpoint Template


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