18+ Unique Ripped Paper Texture Sets In Vector, PSD & PNG

Ripped Edges Photo Effect

If you’ve ever tried to add a Ripped Paper Texture to your Photoshop project, you’re not alone. There are may designers who want to do the same thing.

The procedure is quite simple, All  you’ll need to do is, copy and paste the ripped paper texture in a new document, and make sure that you place the texture on a transparent background. Then, you’ll want to group the effects you want to add together and there you have a new paper ripped text effect in your hand.

In this article, we have collected 18+ most elegant and trendy paper texture effect which can be used to give your design a brand new effect which will enhance your design and make your presentation even more attractive. So, without any further explanation, here is the complete FREE Ripped Paper Texture assets listed below.

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Graphic Shack’s Exclusive Free Ripped Paper Texture PSD Files for our Visitors: Updated New Inclusion on 25/06/2022

#1 Ripped Paper PSD Texture Effect

The ripped paper texture is a fantastic way to give artwork an old-fashioned look. This texture is often used for artwork and posters, but it also works well in personal blogs and social media. Its high-resolution files make it perfect for use in a variety of designs. It can add a unique vintage look to anything, from your latest design to your doodle. The best part about this texture is that it’s free!

Ripped Paper PSD Texture Effect


#2 Ripped Textures

If you’ve ever wanted to create an illustration or design with the look of old ripped papers, then you’ve found the right resource! Ripped paper textures are a great way to give an image a vintage, handmade feel. You can uses them in various projects including posters, social media posts, and website headers. This free texture pack contains 20 different ripped paper cutouts that will enhance your designs. Each of these elements is handmade and unique.

Ripped Textures


#3 Ripped Paper PSD Texture Effect

An elegant rubbed paper texture can be used for a variety of projects, from vintage-inspired art to illustration backgrounds. The paper texture comes in many different shades, from burnt brown to off-white. The papers were scanned from antique books and retouched in Photoshop to create a realistic texture. Its grit can add extra depth to a design, or be used as a background for illustrations.

Ripped Paper PSD Texture Effect 1





#5 Ripped Paper Effect

Ripped paper textures come in various styles and colors, which add a unique finish to your artworks. For instance, there are the ripped paper patterns which are commonly used for scrapbooks, and those that are textured with marble. Both of these styles have different glittery shades that look attractive in any project. They are great for art projects, presentations, and magazines.

Ripped Paper Effect



Creating an embossed paper texture on ripped or torn pieces of ripped paper can be a great way to add depth to your artwork. To create the textured surface, place a piece of vellum-finish paper on top of your ripped or torn paper. This technique creates a subtle indented pattern that is common in graphic design. It can also be incorporated into paper crafts.



#7 147 Ripped Paper Pieces – PNGs

A ripped paper texture is a type of textured background that resembles the look of real newspapers, magazines, and other printed materials. It is commonly used in modern graphic design to give an aesthetic drop and additional volume to flat images.

It can be used to create realistic digital collages and prints. It is also widely used in advertising and branding. This is because of its realistic look and is highly customizable.

147 Ripped Paper Pieces - PNGs


#8 Ripped Paper Photo Effect Action

If you want to emulate the look of ripped paper without spending a lot of money, this texture pack is for you. It contains 12 transparent ripped papers with realistic shadows and a choice of color and size. The pack also includes a PSD file.

The textures are highly versatile, so you can use them for a different needs, including making realistic transitions. And, if you want to make the effects look more organic, you can use these textures on any kind of project.

Ripped Paper Photo Effect Action


#9 Textured Ripped Paper Pieces – PNGs

Ripped Paper Texture is made up of 12 high resolution torn paper rips, with realistic shadows. You can change their color, add a text, or an image to customize them. And you can download it as a PSD file.

There’s no limit to the number of ripped paper textures you can use. These are a great way to create realistic transitions. Besides creating realistic scenes, ripped paper textures can also be used for websites and other projects.

Textured Ripped Paper Pieces - PNGs


#10  Paper Ripped Out Photo Effect

This type of texture is a popular choice among designers of comic books and movie posters. It gives a realistic look to flat images and adds aesthetic drops to your design work. The result can be an incredible digital collage! It can even simulate the look of a ripped movie poster!

And, because it is 100% editable, you can use it to create a variety of styles for any project. So, whether you’re working on a poster or creating an art piece, ripped paper textures are great for both.

Paper Ripped Out Photo Effect


#11  Ripped Paper Transparent Shapes

40+ Ripped Paper Transparent Shapes


#12 Ripped Watercolor Album Effect

Ripped Watercolor Album Effect


#13 Ripped Torn Paper Transparent Rips

Ripped Torn Paper Transparent Rips


#14 Ripped Paper PSD Effect Easy-to-use

Ripped Paper PSD Effect Easy-to-use


#15 Ripped Watercolor Paper Pack

Ripped Watercolor Paper Pack


#16 Ripped Image Photo Effect

Ripped Image Photo Effect


#17 Ripped Edges Photo Effect

Ripped Edges Photo Effect





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