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13+ Best Affinity Designer Brushes

Artista Affinity Designer Brushes

Affinity Designer is one of the most recent design trends which took the design world by storm. You might have already tried using this latest design trend in your creation or simply seen the magnificent result of Affinity Designer brushes that how well they incorporate with your design concept and produce stunning graphics as output.

Well, to enrich your experience, we have tested and rounded up 13+ best Affinity Designer Brushes which will definitely gonna give your design style a brand new touch.

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#1 Affinities Brush Script Font

There are several brush strokes available in the Affinity Designer Brushes bundle. These include eighty different brush strokes in paintbrush designs, transparent PNG files, and 20 Photoshop brushes. Each one offers an individual, custom color palette and is compatible with Affinity Designer. To get started, you can follow the instructions help file given with the pack.

The brushes are easy to install and use, and they’re included in the downloadable Affinity Designer app, so you don’t need a separate Photoshop installation.

Affinities Brush Script Font


#2 20 Stipple Photoshop Brushes

20 Stipple Photoshop Brushes


#3 Artista Affinity Designer Brushes

The Affinity Designer brush pack contains 120 free, customizable mixed patterns. These brushes can mimic the texture of human skin. Many artists present skin as smooth and flawless, but they can add subtle texture to your work to give it a more realistic look. You can also download free brushes that channel the sixties’ flower power. If you don’t feel confident using these brushes in your work, you can always consult the help file included to learn how to use affinity brushes more effectively.

Artista Affinity Designer Brushes


#4 Affinity Assets

Affinity Assets


#5 Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes

Pencil Affinity Designer Brushes


#6 Gold Gradients For Affinity

Gold Gradients For Affinity


#7 Hand Drawn Brushes for Affinity Designer

Hand Drawn Brushes for Affinity Designer


#9 Gradients Pack For Affinity Designer

Gradients Pack For Affinity Designer


#10 Shader Brushes for Affinity

Shader Brushes for Affinity


#11 The Minimalist Collage Creator

The Minimalist Collage Creator


#12 Lighthouse Liner Affinity Brushes

Affinity Brush Pack includes twenty hand-crafted brushes that are compatible with Photoshop and Affinity Photo. They are available in both pixel and vector formats. Each of these brushes is made for specific projects. The premium brushes are licensed and quality-checked, but free brushes are just as useful. Affinity Designer Brushes are perfect for professional-quality illustrations. They can make realistic, gouache-like sketches or convincing vintage banners.

If you’d like to create your own custom brush, you can select a raster image, adjust the size, and change the opacity of the brushes. If you want to add custom color strokes, you can also change the blend mode of your brushstrokes by manually changing its settings. The Blending Mode of a raster image is an important factor in determining whether a particular brush is appropriate for a given project. Consult the included help file to explore this horizon.

Lighthouse Liner Affinity Brushes


#13 70 Flower Stamp Affinity Brushes

70 Flower Stamp Affinity Brushes


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